Welcome To The Tri-Fit Resource Center

We developed this ever evolving series of pages as a one stop shop for all your needs. In the Helpful Tips tab you will find a library of quick and simple 4-15 minute workouts you can do on the go from the comfort of your home. You will also find what we at Tri-Fit call The Daily Food for Thought. This is a series of helpful and motivational videos that helps address any challenges you may face when it comes to being motivated. As you continue to explore this page you will find all the products that have been vetted by our team of trainers. Our desire at Tri-Fit is to take all the guess workout out of finding products that can be of benefit to your health and wellness.

In the first tab you'll see Elite Performance. In this tab you'll find a list of supplements that are optimal for athletic performance. They will aid in building muscle and recovery from strenuous activity. Supplements are not a replacement for hard work and dedication but are excellent tools that will help those willing to work hard reach the next level. 

Here is a list of recommended items to get if you are looking to reach the next level in your performance as an athlete and a guide of when to use them:

  1. Advocare Muscle Gain - take as snack between meals twice a day. 1scoop w/ milk or water

  2. Advocare Arginine Extreme - take before workout

  3. Post-workout recovery - take after workout

  4. Nighttime Recovery - take before bed

  5. O2 Gold - take to start your day

The Second tab is Health & Wellness, in this Tab you will find a list of products that are all great for helping you maintain weight-loss and overall health and wellness. We recommend clients use these supplements after being consistent with our transformation program for 3 weeks, the reason being after 3 weeks you've began to develop healthy habits and as a result the effects of supplements will be of greater benefits.

Here is a list of Products to Order along with a guide of when to use them:

  1. MNS 3 - Take one colored pack before first meal of the day

  2. Meal replacement shake - Take as a snack between meals once per day

  3. Advocare catalyst - take before and/or after workout

  4. Fibo-Trim - take 10-15minutes before dinner

  5. ThermoPlus - take with first snack of the day.

The Third tab is the 30 Day Cleanse Challenge and it is designed to fuel a fresh start and help set you on the path to a healthy lifestyle. You will begin with a 10-day Cleanse Phase to help prepare your body for optimal nutrition, then complete the 14-Day Max Phase where you will start to develop a routine of fueling your body with quality supplementation and a healthy, balanced diet.* This challenge will help to get your metabolism working for you instead of against you and set you up in a way that will get your body utilizing fat for energy instead of storing it. Click the link to submit an application for the 30 Day Cleanse Challenge and a Tri-Fit Coach will contact you and walk you through the steps to getting started.

If you are anything like our team of trainers, then you appreciate making purchases at a discounted price. If you would like to take advantage of 20-30% discount on all purchases then you can set up an account as a preferred customer. This application can be filled out using the link.

Benefits of being a Preferred Customer:

Sign Up for $19.95 and Receive:

  • Immediate 20% product discount with the opportunity to increase up to 30%**

  • Preferred Customer Welcome Gift with first order

  • Total Satisfaction Guarantee

**Immediate 20% product discount with the ability to increase based on product purchases within 6 consecutive Purchase Periods (approximately 3 months)

We at Tri-Fit have found that health, fitness and beauty all go hand in hand. When you start to become more health conscious you tend to take better care of your body and as a result you start paying closer attention to what you eat and what you put on your body. Our bodies deserve to be fueled by the best and purest of ingredients. When it comes to our health, we mainly consider what we put in our mouth but we must also consider what we put on our skin. If you want to put the best products not just in your mouth but on your skin, check out this line of skin care and skin cleaning products.

Finally, if you follow this link you will find an incredible product, Kangon Alkaline Water. This machine utilizes technology that electrically alkaline's tap water. There are many studies that back the life changing impact of alkaline water and the crucial role it plays in our PH levels. For more information go to the tab and opt-in for a demo of how the product works and all its benefits.